Bum Nuts started with 50 chickens in Gunning NSW 2013.  Today it is a team of family owned businesses continuing to grow to meet the increasing demand for our authentic pastured free range eggs. 

Each farm practices organic/biodynamic principles using the hens to fertilise the pasture.  Custom built housing with mesh or no floors allows chooks to fertilise the pasture in their sleep.

Rotational grazing with mobile housing also allows the land to regenerate and boosts the vitality in the soil, resulting in happy/healthier animals.  This is what makes our eggs so delicious and nutritious.

Our chickens are true free range, they roam in the harmony of open pastures, foraging for whatever nature provides.  They have access to pasture all day, every day, in the paddocks they have so lovingly fertilised so there is no need for nasty chemicals.

Thank you for your ongoing support, you allow us to continue to do what we enjoy and are passionate about.

Team BumNuts Australia Pty Ltd;

6061 Gundaroo Rd, Mount Dixon, Gunning, NSW, 2581
CA & TL Robinson – NSW Food Authority Lic # 32924