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Gunning Bum Nuts free-range eggs capture Sydney market

They are all about to get busier, because Gunning Bum Nuts has spread to Sydney. They have a new distributor and will scale up to 10,000 chickens. They expect to be selling 1000 dozen eggs in Sydney.

Canberra foodies come together in the city

Little Dreams owner Owen Saddler, Aussie Paleo Chef Daniel Barrett, BumNuts owner Teresa Robinson, Temporada owners Chris Durragh and Ben Willis.

Bum Nuts or bum steer?

Craig and Theresa Robinson with two of their four children, William and Ayla, next to their free range poultry operation near Gunning. They and some of their neighbours are opposing a motocross development on an adjacent property.

A plan to improve soils leads to franchising opportunities

When Theresa and Craig Robinson first began unleashing free-range chickens on their Mt. Dixon property back in 2013, they never envisioned a day when complete strangers would be calling to ask when they could get their hands on a carton of fresh ‘bum nuts.’

Egging on regional innovation

People often think that innovation is the domain of our city dwellers, but as the founders of BumNuts Australia show, regional inhabitants are just as capable of transforming an idea into a thriving business opportunity.