• We Raise our chickens using Bio-Dynamic principles

    Our chickens are true free range, they have access to pasture all day, every day and are rotated through paddocks free of chemicals. They also have access to fresh rain water in enclosed tanks


  • Our chickens are mobile and rotated through-out our paddocks

  • Ensuring a natural diet and improving our soil

  • End result… “Bloody good eggs from free ranged happy chooks”

We Love our Chickens.

Our chickens are true “open” free range chickens. They eat a variety of grains and roam freely during the day. This ensures a varied and natural diet. Resulting in healthy chooks and bloody good eggs

Chickens on the Move.

Our chickens are raised using Bio-Dynamic principles and have access to pasture all day, every day and are constantly rotated through paddocks.  Mobile housing and using the chooks as our fertilisers means there is no need for nasty chemicals.   This in turn produces nutrient dense pasture and what makes our eggs so delicious and nutritious.

Proof is in the Pudding..

… or Omelette or Pavlova. Some people say they can’t tell the difference between free range and caged eggs. They’ve been buying the wrong eggs. Try our “Bloody good eggs from free ranged happy chooks”

We Love our Animals

The welfare of all our animals is our primary concern and a healthy and natural life means a better product. It costs us more to do it the ethical way but we believe it’s worth it.

Naturally Raised Chickens

Our chooks get a natural and varied diet. Freely grazing our paddocks. Getting minerals and vitamins from native plants, grubs and insects. A healthy bird means a great egg.

Bio-Dynamic Farming

Bio-Dynamic farming is about maintaining and enhancing the ecological harmony of our property. Soil fertility, plant growth, and animal welfare are ecologically interrelated.

Free Range Eggs - Myths & Facts

A Model Code of Practice states free range birds must kept at 1,500 per hectare. Some farms run at 40,000 per hectare and claim to be “free range”.

We supply a number of retail outlets and food venues in the Gunning / Canberra region.

Dont take our word for it…

What others say about our eggs!


Great tasting eggs… excellent to know they are coming from chooks that have been raised naturally.

Brydie Malone

Yum had pancakes this morning with them and they are the best free range i’v had

Brydie MalonePhotographerLadybird Photography